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Why Choose Us?

We create freedom in your career. 

Nurse Owned 

Yes, this is the best reason to work with the #ForeverNurse team. It takes a travel nurse veteran to understand all challenges, know your worth and advocate for the changes that need to happen. We can assure this will go a long way in your journey of short term, long term and per diem contracts. 


Imagine joining a workforce where you get to choose. Your voice is heard, valued and necessary for facility placement. We won't place you anywhere that you don't want to go. We also allow you to sign on contracts anywhere from per diem (as needed) to 4 weeks through 13 weeks. You are able to build your dream work life with the options like these mentioned. Also, let's not forget the self scheduling option. Apply now and we can talk about your specific needs and help you find your ideal job match. 


Connections are necessary for the growth of a new travel nurse. There's so many things to learn from how to prepare for your first assignment to how to negotiate  and get the most out of your contract. These things typically are not found on Google. For this reason we are proud to have a community of culture and learning for your social and networking needs. We host various events and live discussions to expand your knowledge and resources as you take the journey of travel nursing.

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