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5 Signs You Are Ready for Travel Nursing

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

So you think you want to be a Travel Nurse? Although you are hearing about crisis rates and the hazard rates from the pandemic, let’s keep it real that going into it for the money ain’t going to cut it! You have to look at this career change from many angles to see if it's a good fit for you.

Do you really have what it takes:

1) Competent- This means you fully know your specialty and scope of practice... Everyone’s journey to competency in their specialty is different. Some nurses may feel ready after 1 year and some nurses may never feel ready for Travel Nursing (even at 5-10 years). But don't let anybody make this decision for you. Assess your skills and pay attention to the feedback you get from your colleagues before you make a fast move into travel nursing.

2) Risk Taker- If you are willing to BET on yourself... "Welcome to Travel Nursing"... Some days it will feel like Russian Roulette 😬 (no lie) out here. If you are the type to make random decisions, for instance: going to the car dealer for an oil change turns into buying a new car out the blue (you will fit in fine 😊). Or how about those last minute vacation planners... You will also fit in with travel nursing. There will be thrills and chills in this career pivot.

3) Baby Genius- Travel Nursing is ideal for the quick learner. You have to be able to walk in and put on your "skates," learn new healthcare gadgets and the healthcare EMR... The IV pumps are not created equally and the call light system may not be the same, but you will have to function as if you've been working with these gadgets for years. If this doesn’t intimidate you "Welcome to Travel Nursing"

4) Assertive/ Bossy- You have to be really strong on the Communication Skills... You have to put boundaries in place (so you don’t get taken advantage of because not all agencies are going to have your best interest at heart unless you are with Forever Nurse) and you have to speak up for the safety of your patients... These are a few examples of where assertiveness is needed. Simply put, you must be confident to be a great travel nurse. Please don't be overly confident that it gets in the way of you learning from others.

5) Networker- Getting out to meet people and connect with like minded industry nurses is vital. We know there is lots of introverts who become travel nurses and they will even tell you that you have to build relationships to grow in the career. That's why we are excited to host Travel Nurse Brunchin' monthly series to allow solo travelers to come meet new people, enjoy a few mimosas, learn the latest updates in our industry and get some awesome giveaways from Forever Nurse!

There’s so much you have to learn on your own... Well unless you read this Best Seller, book The Bedside Boss: From Scrubs to Six Figures ... The only book for Travel Nurses by a Travel Nurse! Every chapter has those travel tips I wish someone would have warned me about 💕

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